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                            Car Carrying Semitrailer

                            No.: Kevin--71312

                            Vehicle Type: Car Carrying Semi-trailer

                            Brand Name: KAILAI

                            Lufeng Trailers

                            Person in charge: Kevin Jiang

                            Cel: 0086 176 6971 7518

                            Whatsapp: 8617669717518

                            E-mail: sales17@chinatruck.cc

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                            Car Carrying Semitrailer


                            Tare Weight




                            Total Weight


                            Overall Length


                            Overall Width


                            Overall Height


                            Wheel Track




                            Axle Weight

                            12750(double axle combined)

                            STANDARD SPECIFICATION

                            Main Frame

                            Heavy duty and extra durability designed;Opting for high tensile steel Q345B welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes 480mm Height I beam.

                            Top Flange 16mm,width 140mm;Middle Flange 8mm;Bottom Flange 16mm,width 140mm


                            Steel Sheet 3mm thickness


                            Two Units of FUWA(brand) 13Ton axle


                            A Couple of underslung mechanical tandem suspension

                            Leaf Spring


                            King Pin

                            One unit of 2`` SAE standard welded kingpin

                            Landing Gear

                            Two-speed,manual operation,heavy duty landing gear

                            Wheel Rim

                            Eight units of 8.25R22.5 rim


                            Eight units of 8.25R2012PR 8.25-2014PR tubeless tyre

                            Twist Lock

                            Eight nos in total-four nos are fasten mode,four nos are up/down mode,of ISO standard twist lock for 2&times;20ft;1&times;40ft container,the central locks can be laid down.

                            Spare Wheel Carrier

                            One set of spare wheel carrier including a riser.

                            Pneumatic Braking System

                            A system with emergency brake and parking brake;

                            Dual line-air brake, piggy back spring on all axles;

                            Two unit of WABCO RE 4 relay valve;Two units of T30/30 spring brake chamber;Two units of T30 brake chamber,Two unit of 40L air tank;Two units of standard copper air-connector.

                            Electrical System

                            One unit of JAEGER POWAY ,24V 7-pin ISO 1185 standard socket;Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector , Side lamp etc.

                            One set of 6-core standard Cable.


                            Sand blasting processing on rust&ndash;proof protection.

                            One coat of anticorrosive primer

                            two coats of finish urethane paint

                            Color as customer choice


                            One box with a set of standard trailer tool

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