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                            Shacman F2000 6*4 Dump Truck 290HP Tipper Algeria Market Only

                            No.: Angelia -shacman 1

                            Vehicle Type: Dump Truck

                            Brand Name: SHACMAN

                            Shacman Trucks

                            Person in charge: Angelia Sun

                            Cel: +8615269249286

                            Whatsapp: +8615269249286

                            E-mail: sales16@chinatruck.cc

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                            SHACMAN 6X4 DUMP TRUCK 

                             Model: SX3255JM384

                            Cab: Shacman F2000, LHD,A/C

                            Model: WP10.290E32 290HP 

                            Gear Box: 9JS135+QH50 (9speeds, 1 reverse) 

                            Front axle: MAN7.5T front 

                            Rear axle: STR16T, double reduction axle. Ratio: 5.73 

                            Wheelbase: 3775+1400MM

                            Fuel tank: 380L 

                            Tire: 12R22.5

                            Dump body(mm): 5200*2300*1350 

                            Overall Dimension (mm): 8600x2500x3450 (LxWxH)

                            Colour : White 

                            Manufacture Year : 2023

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